Metal-Organic Frameworks for Drug Delivery Applications [Tesis]

tesisSe ha introducido en Dadun una nueva Tesis Doctoral:

Título: Metal-Organic Frameworks for Drug Delivery Applications

Autor: Tamames-Tabar, Cristina

Director/es: Blanco Prieto, M. J. y Horcajada, P.

Resumen: In this work, a new type of particles denoted as MOFs or Metal-Organic Frameworks, have been studied as a new drug carriers.
First, they were synthesised at the nanoscale (NPs) using, when possible, biofriendly methods. Their cytotoxicity, as well as that from their constitutive linkers, was evaluated by the MTT test in murine macrophage (J774) and in cervix carcinoma (HeLa) cell lines, observing: (i) a low cytotoxicity of MOFs, comparable with other described particulated systems, (ii) a strong influence of the composition (toxicity order: Fe<Zr<Zn; hydrophilic<hydrophobic linkers), (iii) a higher cytotoxicity in J774 than HeLa, due to their higher phagocytosis activity and (iv) MIL-100(Fe)_NPs was an excellent candidate for bioapplications (IC50=0.7 mg¿mL-1). MIL-100(Fe)_NPs are rapidly cell-uptaken, being immediately internalised in J774 cells. […]

También puede encontrarla en Dialnet.



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