Tesis doctoral sobre tratamiento personalizado de la obesidad

Se ha introducido en Dadun una nueva tesis doctoral:

Título: Enfoques nutrigénicos para el tratamiento personalizado de la obesidad y el síndrome metabólico.

Autora: Goñi Mateos, Leticia.

Director: Martínez Hernández, José Alfredo y Cuervo Zapatel, Marta.

Resumen: Based on the available evidence, on the one hand we proposed that different genetic variants or a genetic risk score influence obesity and its related comorbidities susceptibility or the response to a weight loss diet. On the other hand, focusing on gene-environment interactions we hypothesized that dietary factors may modify the association between the genotype and the studied phenotype. The general aim of this work was to study the association between different genetic variants and a genetic risk score with obesity related features such as adiposity, blood pressure, and lipid and glucose metabolism traits, as well as the effect of dietary factors on such relationship.

También puede encontrarla en Dialnet.



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