Tesis doctoral sobre alteraciones en el genoma del cáncer

Se ha introducido en Dadun una nueva Tesis Doctoral:

Título: Somatic Copy-Number Alterations across Human Cancers from LncRNA Perspective.

Autora: Athie Cuervo, Alejandro.

Director: Huarte-Martínez, Maite.

Resumen: The genome of a tumor cell presents thousands of genomic alterations including base-substitutions and somatic copy number alterations (SCNAs). SCNAs comprise amplifications and deletions of big chromosomal regions usually containing hundreds of genes. Some of these regions harbor well-studied cancer drivers; however many others do not contain a known driver. The analysis of SCNA focusing on the non-coding genome helped us pinpoint a list of copy number altered long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs). In order to validate our findings we experimentally characterized functionally and mechanistically a lncRNA amplified in lung cancer which we named LUAD-amp-1.

También puede encontrarla en Dialnet.


Una respuesta

  1. Felicitacions per la troballa,i per l’article! 🙂


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